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West Highland Way: the hips don't lie.

Before setting off to attempt the West Highland Way I let my good
friend Bob that it would be na??vet?? and perseverance that would get me
through it. Na??vet?? because I did no training and have little recent
track record to suggest I'd be OK without it; perseverance because
I've succeeded in the past against such obstacles. And so it
transpired, I've reached Fort William at the end of the Way. Yes Way.

(Readers should note that Bob and I took a bus for some 30km of the
walk as we both have deadlines and appointments elsewhere. For this
reason I shall get no stamps, certificates or other momento of the
trip... one day I'll fill in the gap.)

The hips don't lie, no they don't. If they want to let you know
you're asking a lot of them they'll be happy to oblige, likewise toes,
calf muscles and hamstrings. Yet blisters have not materialised
(much), rain has not daunted us nor sun parched us. Bob will be here
in 24 hours, by which time I'll be in Fife at the Big Tent Festival,
such is summer and its many attractions.

Hopefully photos will accompany this post, three of them showing Fort
William's official 'end of the Way'. The jury's still out on why they
require you to walk through to the other end of town to reach it;
rumour has it the pub/shop lobby were keen to drive up footfall.

Tomorrow: Fort William to Glasgow by train, with stunning views as standard.


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