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Call for papers: Conference on Social Media and Tourism October, 2011

Here's a conference I wouldn't mind attending, if I had something to present.  From the blurb:


October 2011 Conference on Social Media and Tourism.  The conference is sponsored by Virginia Tech University in cooperation with MCI University in Innsbruck and the College of Charleston.
The Web2.0 medium is having having an enornmous not only in the way hospitality and tourism organizations market themselves but for researchers themselves.  The Conference will bring together the leading researchers in the field as we as its most innovative industry leaders to explore opportunities therein.

The Conference itself will be held in Verona, Italy with many rich opportunities to explore and experience both before and after the conference.  It will be a beautiful time to be in the Alps.


Further information here.  Who knows, maybe a work-in-progress paper if I've made some progress by the spring.  At least there'll be some publications out of it that I can pick up in a year of so's time.

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