Welcome to my blog.

Hail fellow.

Three years into my job at Edinburgh Napier Uni and I've managed to work through almost fifty business cards.  I'm meeting nearly 1.4 people a month it seems, although that average will come down once relatives are taken out.*

Cards come in packs of fifty, so this week's main task was to order a fresh supply with all the anguish that comes with it: how to define my job title, etc.  Rather overwhelmingly I've also amassed several extra letters after my name, such that I resemble a Scrabble rack played according to a very loose interpretation of the rules.  What do you reckon...

David Jarman MA Hons. PgCTLHE MSc FHEA FRSA

...stick that on your triple word score and smoke it.

Those last two are fellowships of the Higher Education Academy (to show I've some professional qualifications) and the Royal Society of Arts (because I applaud much of their work and hope to contribute to it in due course.  If I've got a structure to work within I can achieve quite a bit over time - maybe it's a blog, or perhaps membership of an institution.  Often needs time though!

*Not in a gangster way of course.

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Star Man: now with moving pictures.