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Star Man: climbing to space during Fringe 2010.

Bringing shiny spacesuits to the Edinburgh Fringe has surely been done before - Macbeth set on the International Space Station perhaps - but surely none has been put through its paces quite so thoroughly as James Baker's.  Here are photos from the final day of his epic challenge, with Ground Control marking the arrival into space.

Here's an explanation, should it not be immediately obvious what's going on.

And here's an exhausting discussion prompted by a Guardian review.  (I've noticed that Lyn Gardner's write up, from Sunday 8 August, is mostly matter of fact - she doesn't really comment on any artistic/creative achievement in the work, nor whether she feels this constitutes a Fringe show.  I hadn't anticipated that my comment would be the last one, but there we go.)

The champagne-toting, applause-soaking picture captures some of the happy camaraderie of the final ten climbs, which came at 8pm on the last day of the 2010 Fringe.  It was an emotional moment and roundly celebrated by everyone who was there.

I'll be checking in from time to time to see if the Forest Cafe have absent-mindedly whitewashed their foyer...





Star Man: now with moving pictures.

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