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World beating ways to spend a day off.

As trailed earlier in September, I'm building up to a fairly short presentation at a workshop being hosted by my employer.  This is a chance to talk with practitioners about what works for them, which tools they're using to build their online presence and to organise some of my own thoughts in this area.  So today, a local holiday in Edinburgh, has been spent putting together my presentation.

Fortunately it's gone OK, although some parts have taken a while to compile - thank goodness for a day/night cricket match at Lord's to keep me entertained.  I'll post the slides on this site after the event, although the amount of fanfare which accompanies them might depend on how well they're received!  Suffice it to say they're as colourful as I can manage and hopefully contain enough ideas and links that they'll be referred to after the event.  I hope I don't have to rush through them - we'll see.

Earlier today, so also forming part of my holiday, I spent an hour or so sat on the steps outside work talking to a prospective student.  I had managed to organise a guided tour on a day when the university buildings are all locked up, but it ended up OK with a good conversation and hopefully another recruit.

Just now the cricket is ready to end, with an England defeat I should think, and I'm about ready for my tea.

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