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RSAnimate: getting that message across.

I'm a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, but I've talked about that before.  Why am I a fellow... it's partly to support work like this:

The range of expertise that they attract to the RSA events is astonishing at times, tapping into a wealth of knowledge and understanding that surpasses even In Our Time on Radio 4.  This particular talk looks at what motivates people to give of their time for free, or for non-economic rewards - contributions such as Wikipedia and other open sources projects.  There's a cross-over here with the themes I'm interested in for the PhD, with events being experience, created and enjoyed thanks to the dispersed contributions of the many.

Enjoy the 10 minute video!  There are plenty more to have a look at.


The RSA makes their audio and video material available for distribution under a Creative Commons licence.  Details of their licensing policy are here, with the Society's homepage being www.theRSA.org.

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