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SXSW 2011: The internet is over | The Guardian


This article (click the guardian.co.uk link above) was punted my way by Bob (legendary friend from school days of yore, you remember Bob?). It's an optimistic view of our online future, principally seen from the user's perspective. It features many of your favourite authors, but ultimately perhaps marks a point where many of today's trendy terms start to enter the mainstream. Unsurprisingly it's SXSWi-inspired, so perhaps Austin, Texas has the best festivals of the future.

It finishes on the notion that we live our lives as though we were computers, working harder to keep up with the demands we're placing on our internal circuitry. This is seen as a bad thing: on the contrary, we should recognise that human life can't continue mechanistically like this – we need time and space to recuperate, a 'pulsing' and cyclical experience. Just like events then: build up > actualisation and experience > evaluation and recovery. Some combination of the above will do nicely.

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