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Parallel discussions.

Another week and another slew of podcasts down the wires from the RSA. Of note to me recently has been the discussions that focus on some of my favourite themes, yet apply them to subjects other than events. Two of note have been:

As it happens both of these discussions are built around religious focuses, primarily Christian as Loyd puts forward the idea that churches are the natural home of the Big Society (which others point to libraries, schools, etc.). It is while listening to these discussions and other such podcasts that I propose to myself swapping out the <place> or <faith> or <building> and inserting <event> or <festival>. The common themes of community, identity, power, network and capital are pretty clear to see. That they are often linked to online relationships and the achievement of shared goals further convinces me that there's merit in this work.

Can I yet sum up my proposal in a pithy aim? How about an investigation into... the impact of communications technologies on the live event and festival experience, reflecting on the development of communities, social networks and social capital as a result of these forms of interaction.

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