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Breda on screen.

Following up some recent posts on the Breda project, just a couple of notes on the next stage of the work. A fortnight ago I watched the students' presentations from the Netherlands, while I sat in my flat in EH11. Breda live stream all their lectures and record them for later online viewing – some examples are here – which made it dead easy to tune in.


What with modern easy familiarity with technology you can probably picture me dialling in to Skype and offering my thoughts, asking questions and otherwise being a part of the event. Watching my face appear where once had been PowerPoint slides and Prezi animations can't have been easy for anyone, but I resisted the temptation to abuse that highly visible position: think Sir Patrick Moore on Gamesmaster.


The students used a wide range of styles, approaches and technologies for their presentations, populating each short talk with the results of their research, their recommendations and some reflections on the overall project. It was great to see that each of the four chosen venues seems to have given them plenty to work with and scope to make some valuable recommendations. The written reports are in, are currently being marked, and should be available to the venues in a week or so.

#iDocQ: PhD discussion conference.

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