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Travelogue 18: 'morning after feeling 15.01.04'

Part two of my New Zealand tales, back on schedule as this was originally sent eight years ago today. Some poetic meanderings about the brilliant wonderfulness of the flora, geology and water cycle are followed by a quick summary of Christmas when you have no one to open presents with. (I managed to forget that I was carrying a Christmas card. Fortunately I remembered on Boxing Day morning... and it was still Christmas back home when I called mum: situation recovered.) Christmas dinner that day was an extra kiwi fruit that went down very well.
The second page is mostly about a trip up the west coast of the South Island. Great for me to read back as I'd forgotten many of the incidents – it's a spectacular part of the world.
...and with this travelogue posted there is just one to come, in late February. The final line gives a clue to its focus.

morning after feeling by davidjarman

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