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BUICE day three, 5 July 2013: International Conference on Events and AEME forum, Bournemouth University

Notes from keynote talks and discussions on day three of the #BUICE2013 conference.___AEME AGM

  • Getz: Event Studies Academy idea
  • Napier: looking ahead to hosting BAFA student event

 Industry associations panel

  • MPIUK: Samme Allen
    • Collaboration between partners is key
    • Student membership: E40, with transition rate towards full membership
    • Takes students to events and shows around the world
    • Research: keen to do more, CSR research
    • Student Club: formation of a student organisation to bring students together and build links to industry
    • Young Achievers Award
    • Accreditation
    • Too many organisations, a need to work through what can be offered
  • Richard Limb: National Outdoor Events Association
    • Setting up a student council, recognising that there's lots to be offered by students
    • Work placements via the organisation
    • Sitting on validation panels for degree courses
    • Advocates that students get involved in events... but also get involved in the trade and industry bodies that support your industry
    • Was also involved in Events Industry Forum, which was the platform on which Purple Guide was written
  • International Special Events Society: James Morgan
    • Creativity at their heart
    • Students welcome, to ask questions, to shine in front of recruiters
    • Practical emphasis to much of their work: how to do stuff
    • Annual educational conference
    • @ISES_UK
    • To be done: a need for more creativity – industry has to go beyond business school graduates to get access to creative skills (video, CAD)
    • Has an office in Edinburgh
  • IFEA Europe
    • An international perspective
    • Links to Breda NHTV
    • Summer camp: September 2013; theory based, but also linked to massive street arts festival
    • Student membership of IFEA is done through international chapter (USA)
  • Rachel Ley: Eventia
    • UK trade body, covering broad mix of members
    • Members' specialisms are also broad
    • Due to merge with alt organisation to develop new aspects within the events space
    • Advocating recognition that the events sector takes on board the mix of careers and industries involved in events
  • Jane: SEFA
    • Networking, lobbying, broad membership
    • Embryonic... events, training, CPD
    • Student membership
    • Opportunities to further support student activity: USEC 2014?
  • Q: lack of student engagement – an issue of timing? Do students think that the world owes you a living... a need for student action. A need for associations to work together in order to make more sense to the students who have multiple demands on their time
  • Q: lots of student competitions – what opportunity for a single point of entry to these competitions? This is apparently happening
  • Q: universities should be developing student networking skills and professionalism, making them aware of their opportunities for careers – what's the career path?
  • Q: develop skills in production – industry says this is what's missing in graduates
  • Q: customers driving change – what are customers and clients interested in? What do the students have in mind in terms of who they'd like to work for/with?

 Nick Dodds: FEI and Cultural Olympiad

  • 11 months working for LOCOG on 2012 Festival
  • Planning for a four year Cultural Olympiad, but that turned out to be a long time to sustain the drive despite a good start: worries started to rise
  • Creation of CO board featuring top names, who recruited Ruth Mackenzie to develop the closing months
  • Operations
    • Curated festival, but only really worked because of partnerships
    • Festival delivered through third parties – 250 partners, 600 productions, 13,000 performances
    • Case: Mittwoch aus Licht – challenging opera from Stockhausen
    • Partners: benefited from being part of 2012, despite scepticism at times; £4m marketing budget made a difference, bringing people on board
    • £63m overall budget from many sources
  • Commissions and premieres
    • 160 world and UK premieres
    • eg Streb
  • Unusual locations
    • Taking artworks into many new sites, showing off the uk to the rest of the world
    • Stonehenge: fire garden
    • Hadrian's Wall
    • Giants' Causeway
  • Free events
    • 80% of attendances free
  • Olympic themes
    • Tying in to IOC themes, such as Truce
    • eg Peace Camp
    • eg Peace One Day at Derry
  • 'Unlimited'
    • Deaf and disabled artists
  • Evaluation
    • Full report online from Liverpool Uni (Garcia?)
    • Looking ahead, foresees lots of sporting events having cultural programmes alongside them
    • Legacy of new venues now available for creative work

 Philip Day: licensing events

  • Paterson's Licensing Act publication
  • Government has also published advice
  • Presentation based on 2003 Act which was designed to deregulate, but hasn't quite worked like that
  • www.licensinglawyers.co.uk

 Jago: events as a serious research area

  • A need to get back to core disciplines
  • Tourism programmes have slumped at the same time that events has risen: programmes, journals, graduates, phd work
  • But are there jobs for the graduates?
  • Also caught between industry needs and old school academic needs
  • Tourism: researchers there were anchored in older disciplines (geography, etc.)
  • Hospitality: staff came across from industry to teach
  • Events: somewhere in the middle – out of tourism, but without the hands on experience either; lacking the research professors that others have
  • Publications: tend to reference events literature, rather than core discipline sources; a lack of overview with research too focused on single events
  • Mair and Whitford (2013) look at research focus
  • Negative views on events publication: too much on economic impacts; repetitive structural equation measures; poor sampling
  • Going forward: go back to core disciplines; look across more than one event to reflect on the field in general; develop theory; publish in non-events journals; attract non-events researchers to look at events; develop research only positions; research academy; capitalising on enthusiasm for events among researchers

BUICE day two, 4 July 2013: International Conference on Events and AEME forum, Bournemouth University

Culturing our Creativity: Edinburgh, 17 June 2013