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Travelogue 07: 'laughing all the way to the bar 24.04.02'

Ah shucks: there's a drinking theme to this post as well. What was I thinking, back then in 2002 when my liver was still strong, eyes were un-bagged and hairline yet to recede? A month had passed since the last post during which time I worked the box office of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Adelaide and Melbourne remain my favourite Australian cities, though for different reasons. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed the MICF a great deal and learnt a lot about how a professional, mainstream and fairly corporate festival should be run. They say Melbourne is now officially bigger than Sydney - it's quite a place. Oh, and the opening paragraph below: I danced and danced until they turned the music down and called a lock-in at the festival club, at around 9:30am. I was having none of that so went back above ground to regain my bearings, in my recently acquired Malaysian sarong. For a while after that I tended to wear a sarong to end-of-festival parties; I was sad to grow out of that phase, just as my hairline started receding. 

laughing all the way to the bar by davidjarman

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