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Events conference Day 0: academics meeting.

Leeds, 14-16 July 2010 for the fourth Global Events Congress, hosted by Leeds Metropolitan University.

I'm in town to present a paper, alongside my colleague and research partner, as well as pick up plenty of ideas and thoughts from the massed ranks of event management lecturers, researchers and other interested parties. It promises to be interesting, rewarding, fun and hopefully profitable - I'm available to discuss PhD ideas with anyone keen to listen.

I'm also keen to get an idea of what your average event management lecturer looks like - where do they lie on the 'event manager' <-> 'lecturer' axis? I'd love to think of this subject as being a hotbed of young, ambitious, creative types who speak passionately about the potential for changing lives and communities through the power of events and festivals. For all I know, however, they might be more akin to teachers of a slightly less vigorous hue, though wise and learned for all that. I wonder where the interests lie: sporting events, cultural, corporate or elsewhere.

We're all looking forward to it nonetheless - I shall be reporting back.

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